The length of a presentation is 20 minutes, plus 5 for questions. Please prepare your presentation according to the instructions below.


Posters sizes are up to 90×140 cm, vertical orientation.

Preparation of Powerpoint presentations

The version currently in use for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.
Any file (film, video or image) should be saved in the same data folder as the Power Point presentation.

If non-standard fonts are used (not included in the operating system – Windows Vista or sup. , Office 2007 or sup.), please bring with you the files for their installation together with the presentation and hand them in to the slide center, informing the technicians in due time (at least 6 hours before your contribution).

For your presentation to be as light as possible, enter your images in a .gif and .jpg format (other extensions will also be admitted if accepted by PowerPoint).

The size of your PowerPoint presentation should not exceed 100 MB, excluding videos.

Videos included in the presentation should be in the following formats : .avi, .wmv, .mpeg. We suggest the .avi format for your video, compressing it with the following codecs : DivX, Xvid.

We suggest to insert no more than one video for each slide. Videos in your presentation should not exceed 100 MB each. If the videos exceed this size, please bring with you an additional copy on DVD or other support, informing the technical staff of the slide center in due time (at least 6 hours in advance) so that the necessary conversions can be made.

Projection size is 4:3 – 1024×768 (unless otherwise specified). Should your slides be in a different format (eg 16:9), they will be screened with black bands at the sides. To avoid this, we suggest to adopt the correct format (4:3 screen projection) while creating your PowerPoint file.

Information for speakers using Macintosh systems and Keynote-format presentations:

You are invited to convert to the PowerPoint format, or , alternatively, to be at the slide center at least two hours in advance, so as to carry out this conversion. Should you prefer not to convert to PowerPoint, you might choose to use your personal MAC PC bringing the VGA ADAPTER with you.